We are so excited to announce that Tuesday, November 17th the ACLU of Wisconsin - Fox Valley Chapter will be virtually hosting the Executive Director of the ACLU of Wisconsin, Chris Ott. Chris Ott became the executive director of the ACLU of Wisconsin in 2017. Previously he served for 10 years as communications director for the ACLU of Massachusetts where he worked on issues including open government, protecting rights of immigrants, challenging government spying on ordinary people, racial bias in policing, and fighting racial and religious profiling in the aftermath of the attack on the Boston Marathon.

Chris will share with us what is happening at the state level for the ACLU of Wisconsin. As we all know, there has been a lot of concerning events occurring, and the ACLU of Wisconsin has been there to advocate for our civil rights!

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Thank you, and we will see you there!

Please join us on Tuesday, November 17th at 6 PM!

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